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We all have those family photos that make us cringe a little. Maybe everyone’s sporting questionable outfits, or the background clash is epic. But the best ones? The ones that turn that cringe into full-on laughter.
Whether it’s our parents, children, uncles, aunts, or the extended family of close friends, many of us celebrate the holidays with them. And frequently, when we interact and mingle, we carry out different family customs. These could be taking a stroll to view the neighborhood’s holiday decorations, singing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” or creating Ponche Navideño together.

Another popular family custom is to take a photo of everyone present while they are celebrating. Occasionally, though, the images depict extreme turmoil rather than the coziness and goodwill of the holidays. Only the collection of family photos that follows supports it. Captivating footage includes people sneezing in the middle of shots, dogs fighting, and infants slipping out of parents’ arms. These photos capture the chaotic, weird, and wonderful side of family, reminding us of the moments that are truly unforgettable, even if they’re a bit out there. To view everything for yourself, scroll down.

#1 We Took This Customary Japanese Portrait Of Our Crime Syndicate Family For My Father’s 88th Birthday.


Those funny, strange family photos we all have? They might be a little embarrassing, but they’re also special. They show how close we are and all the fun things we do together, even if the outfits aren’t exactly stylish! These photos are more than just pictures; they help us remember the good times and how much our family means to us. After all, the best memories aren’t always the most perfect ones.

#2 A Real Family Photograph


#3 Family Photo Gone Wrong


The article says not all traditions are bad, even if they seem silly to others. If you enjoy a tradition, like making a special fruitcake, and it reminds you of happy times with family, then keep doing it! Traditions that bring you joy are worth holding onto.

#4 Our Annual Family Photo


#5 A family picture of a friend was taken


#6 Within 24 hours of giving birth, my wife looked so incredibly thin that I made jokes about looking like the one who had just given birth. Consequently, we choose to exchange for a humorous picture.


#7 When Your Family Hamster for the Christmas Picture Is Your Pocket Square


#8 I ran to get in the picture after setting the camera’s timer. My Family’s Reaction Is This


#9 My humorous father (holding the magazine) along with my grandparents, mother, and uncle during his bar mitzvah in 1972


#10 We only desired a lovely family portrait.


The article says sometimes there are family traditions you might not be up for. You don’t have to ditch them entirely, but it’s okay to skip them once in a while. For example, maybe you’d love a big birthday party with friends, but you just can’t afford it right now. Or, you might want to visit your mom for her birthday, but work is crazy busy and you wouldn’t enjoy the trip.

#11 It’s true that this family photo is from my childhood.


#12 We’ve Finally Found a Family Photo That Captures Who We Are


#13 How to Include Everybody in the Family Portrait


Looking for fun things to do together as a family? Here are some easy ideas!

  • Pick a favorite restaurant to go to for birthdays and other special days.
  • Have a potluck dinner or cook a meal together at someone’s house. This is a fun way to spend time with family without having to do all the work yourself!
  • Decide on your family’s favorite meals and make them on a specific day each week. Like “Spaghetti Sundays” or “Taco Tuesdays”.
  • Get together for movie nights or board game nights.
  • Plan regular outings to enjoy the fresh air, like bike rides, hikes, or walks in the park.

#14 My Relationship Situation Right Now: Emily


#15 In the front are my mother and grandparents. Tokyo, Japan, 1967


#16 “Yeh, We’re Good Parents I Swear”


#17 As 1988 As It Gets, This


#18 I had my hand in my pants in the family photo.


#19 Our first family photo, taken ten years ago, looked like we had stolen someone’s child.


The article says it’s okay to miss family traditions sometimes. Don’t feel bad about it! If you’re busy or stressed, just let everyone know.

You can always make it up to them later in a new way. For example, instead of a big family gathering at home, you could go out for a smaller, more relaxed get-together.

#20 My mother offered to Photoshop herself into the group photo that she missed.


#21 Only Aquanet


#22 Another year as the family’s last single person


#23 The Christmas Card from My Friend’s Family


#24 We instructed my little sister to smile broadly and not blink for our first family photo. This is how all of the pictures turned out.


#25 In the 1980s, my family wasn’t very photogenic.


The article says family traditions can bend and change, just like your family does. The most important thing is to stay close, even if your family photos aren’t perfect. So a funny-looking picture this year doesn’t have to be the star of the show! Just keep things fun and keep your family connected.

#26 Family Moments


#27 Despite our Wizard of Oz Halloween theme, my nephew wasn’t impressed.


#28 I dare you to show me your awkward family photo. Go on.


#29 From Our Beautiful Family To Yours, Happy Halloween!


#30 Family photo from last fall: the photographer captured this amazing moment when my younger brother was finally able to jump after we had to physically restrain him.


#31 His parents made him appear in the church directory photo against his objections. They Agreed


#32 The Chicken Has Added to Our Family Photo


#33 1990 Thanksgiving with the family. A Wonderful Time To Be Alive


#34 While browsing through Christmas family photos, I came across this gem. I’m not sure why my grandmother desired to keep it, but I think it’s great.


#35 I’m graduating from Temple University today, having balanced my life and worked a full-time job for fifteen years. Tried To Snap A Family Portrait During The Graduation


#36 My friend’s family photo says it everything about the 1980s.


#37 Motivated By Others, I Thought I’d Post This Early Nineties Family Picture


#38 It’s Not Always the Best Idea to Match Your Clothes for the Family Photo Shoot


#39 Thinking Back to the Winter of 1980. Last year’s holiday photo of our family looked like this. We must not take ourselves too seriously in life and maintain a sense of humor.


#40 Requested a family photo from a passerby. Perfected It



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