45 Pics From The 2022 iPhone Photography Award Winners

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An exceptional photographer is always looking for great scenes or events to capture great moments, and you don’t need to buy the most expensive gear to be one of them. Sometimes, all you need is an iPhone and the time to invest, develop patience, and get a good and accurate grip. It’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t use a smartphone these days. Mobile photography is probably the most accessible style of photography for new photographers. 

However, photography is not something that happens overnight. In this vast subject, there are many subjects to be mastered and one to enjoy. To get good photos, one needs to understand some concepts of photography, like lighting techniques, backgrounds, and arrangements. Then, surely at the end, you will get a wonderful shot. 

The iPhone Photography Awards (also known as IPPAWARDS), the first and longest-running iPhone photography competition since 2007, annually award the most spectacular photos taken with an iPhone or iPad. And after reading this or..if you want to enter the contest, they basically inform you that your photos must not be published anywhere before and must not be edited in any desktop image processing program like Photoshop. Scroll down to see the winners in the various categories of the iPhone Photography Awards, which prove once again that you can take great photos without an expensive camera!

More info: ippawards.com | Instagram

#1 1st Place, Landscape – Linda Repasky

#2 2nd Place, Animals – Sanjay Chauhan

#3 3rd Place, Animals – Tran Hieu

#4 1st Place, Children – Huapeng Zhao

#5 3rd Place, Other – Clay Peres

#6 1st Place, Nature – Andrea Buchanan

#7 3rd Place, Travel – Karolina Alama-Maruta

#8 1st Place, Animals – Pier Luigi Dodi

#9 2nd Place, Photographer Of The Year – Kelley Dallas

#10 Grand Prize Winner – Antonio Denti

#11 3rd Place, Portrait – Glenn Homann

#12 2nd Place, Portrait – Erin Brooks

#13 3rd Place, Children – Anne Ziolo

#14 1st Place, People – Patricia Cançado

#15 3rd Place, Landscape – Wenqin Hu

#16 3rd Place, Environment – Shou Li

#17 1st Place, Architecture – Kaustav Sarkar

#18 3rd Place, Lifestyle – Dimpy Bhalotia

#19 2nd Place, Landscape – Joshua Hollander

#20 1st Place, Portrait – Arevik Martirosyan

#21 2nd Place, People – Alina Li

#22 2nd Place, Lifestyle – Kui Yang

#23 1st Place, Abstract – Marcello Raggini

#24 1st Place, Sunset – Leping Cheng

#25 1st Place, City Life – Yongmei Wang

#26 1st Place, Photographer Of The Year – Rachel Sela

#27 2nd Place, Environment – George Allen

#28 2nd Place, Still Life – Robin Robertis

#29 1st Place, Still Life – Ayaka Takine

#30 3rd Place, Nature – Chuan Mu

#31 2nd Place, Sunset – Julia Shatun

#32 1st Place, Environment – Yang Li

#33 2nd Place, Children – Yu Chen

#34 2nd Place, Nature – Charlotte Mason-Mottram

#35 1st Place, Travel – Marina Klutse

#36 1st Place, Other – Yingya Liu

#37 3rd Place, City Life – Yuepeng Mai

#38 3rd Place, Sunset – Robin Robertis

#39 2nd Place, City Life – Wei Dong Ran

#40 3rd Place, Photographer Of The Year – Glenn Homann

#41 2nd Place, Travel – Kuanglong Zhang

#42 3rd Place, Architecture – Judith Lopez

#43 1st Place, Lifestyle – Laila Bakker

#44 2nd Place, Architecture – Chienjay Sheu

#45 3rd Place, People – Clay Peres


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