A Model Spends £100k To Become a Real-Life Barbie: “I’ve Erased Who I Used to Be in Order to Become a Plastic Bimbo.”

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A woman who has attempted to transform herself into a real-life Barbie and spent about £100,000 on the process has shocked everyone by showing her former appearance prior to undergoing several costly surgeries.

Alicia Amira, a model based in the UK, hails from Denmark and proudly calls herself a “plastic bimbo.” Since she was 21, she has had numerous cosmetic procedures, including ones done on her lips, forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, and breasts. Following a series of extreme procedures, Alicia Amira totally changed into the plastic doll. The 33-year-old claims to be on a quest to become the world’s most plastic human doll. She has undergone procedures on her lips, forehead, eyes, cheeks, and breasts over the years. She has also had facial Botox, chin, and jaw fillers, as well as cheek and nasal fillers.

She had all of her tattoos removed, and she has now shown her new appearance on Instagram. As she posed in a pink bikini and miniskirt for a video, she said, “I removed all my tattoos, and it turns out I’m even more plastic-looking than we already knew, and I LOVE IT.”

Image Credit: ITV/@aliciaxamira/Instagram

#1 Alicia Amira describes herself as a “bimbo.”


#2 She has had numerous cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures performed on her.


“I don’t regret having the surgery, despite what some people think of me. In fact, I hope to have even larger breasts in the future.” In order to encourage other girls to follow suit, I want to appear as plastic as possible. I don’t think I’ll ever be done with surgeries. I am very much a part of it.

#3 All over Alicia’s neck were tattoos.


Some wondered if Alicia had used cosmetics to cover up her tattoos or if she had had them removed permanently. One fan exclaimed, “Woah, in one session?” Another said, “Or is this makeup?”Alicia had numerous tattoos, including a big neckpiece, ink on her fingers and arms, and a motif on her sternum. In a previous interview, the Barbie wannabe talked about how she erased her past self to become a fake bimbo.

“I fight stigma all the time. It takes a lot of bravery to stick up for your values when they are viewed as ‘controversial.'” It fascinates me that many consider my views to be controversial even when, in actuality, they are quite conventional.

#4 Alice’s admirers are in disbelief after seeing yet another significant change in her.


Alicia previously made waves when she posted a picture of herself that was taken before she had any work done and looked completely unrecognizable. In response, she said, “Bimbos don’t age; we’re just getting more and more plastic.”

#5 While Alicia claimed to be “always happy with how she looked,” she did had dreams of turning into a bimbo.

#6 Pictures from the model’s early years make her look unrecognizable.

#7 Alicia Amira wants to become the world’s most plastic human doll.

She claimed that her appearance reflects the differences between men and women and their various responsibilities. “I don’t agree that we should be completely the same,” she said in closing. I think a woman’s job is to be the finest “trophy wife” she can be, to appease her husband. I enjoy making him meals, doing housework, and convincing him to fix the car and mow the grass.”


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