After Opening The New Video Gateway Between Dublin And New York, There’s A Conversation Going Bad!

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Remember that exciting video chat that recently launched, letting people in Dublin and New York see and talk to each other live? It’s a bummer that some folks just can’t have nice things.

The whole idea was to create a fun way for people in these two cities to connect across the ocean, like a super cool video call. Unfortunately, instead of friendly chats, some people decided to act inappropriately. It all started with silly pictures, then things escalated to people showing themselves without clothes, and now it’s gotten even worse with folks exposing themselves in a way that’s not okay. This behavior caused such a stir that the video chat had to be shut down.

Instead of friendly greetings and cultural exchange, the sculpture’s livestream has been used to display upsetting content. Dublin viewers have reportedly been showing images related to the 9/11 terrorist attacks to those in New York. New Yorkers have countered with silly pictures of potatoes and even pornography, but the situation has clearly gone off track. The intended spirit of lighthearted connection has unfortunately devolved into something disrespectful and antagonistic.

However, one Only Fans model thought that this was the ideal opportunity to flaunt her t*ts and let Dublin know what they’re missing. With over 400,000 Instagram followers, Ava Louise displayed her body on Sunday, May 12, allegedly pushing the portal’s organizers to close the event and increase security.
“I thought the people of Dublin deserved to see two New York, homegrown potatoes,” she said in an explanation of why she flashed on an online video.

Her behavior caused such a scene that the entire event had to be shut down for a while to deal with it. Security staff apparently spoke to her boyfriend about the issue, and the woman even posted a video of the conversation online. The internet isn’t holding back on its criticism. People are slamming her actions as gross and disrespectful, especially considering there might have been children present. They’re accusing her of ruining the experience for everyone else who was there to enjoy the art.

Featured Image Courtesy: Instagram/@avalouiise

#1 Dubliners and New Yorkers can now communicate through a live gateway, but not everything about it has been positive.

#2 The woman wanted to treat Dublin to a display of her “potatoes.”

#3 “I got the portal shut down.”

#4 The council wants people to continue having a good time there.

#5 Not all circumstances have been perfect.



To keep things civil across the portal, the organizers are working on adding some technical safeguards to prevent similar incidents. This isn’t the only update they’re working on. They’re also putting in the effort to make the video connection between the two cities run smoother and more reliably. That’s not all! Their vision seems to be even bigger. They’re laying the groundwork to expand the portal to connect even more locations around the globe! Just a night owl warning: you might see the live feed paused for a bit at night while they implement these improvements.

The portal organization continues: “Our purpose is to provide a window between far-off places and cultures that allows people to freely interact with each other. As a portal organization, we do not seek to advocate that individuals interact with portals in any specific way.

“We encourage people to treat others with respect, and as observers, we find that the vast majority of experiences are positive.”


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