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If there is a group of fascinating creatures that can fly, they are the birds that make the environment sing from the morning until the evening, beautifying the forest gardens.
Birds can come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny hummingbirds to huge eagles, and there are an estimated 10,000 species of birds alive today, with many more being discovered every year!

Birds are some of the most colourful animals on earth, but not all of the different birds of paradise are brightly colored! Most birds have feathers that are brown, gray, black, or white in colour to help them hide and camouflage. Although in most cases, it is the male bird when we see bright colors, the females are often more muted in colour, which makes them difficult to identify. Fossils show that birds existed about 150 million years ago, and they play a big role in the daily life of humans and are an integral part of our ecosystem. They act as pollinators, seed eaters, and predators that maintain the balance of nature.

Have you ever seen a vogelkop perform a superb bird-of-paradise dance, a flock of flamingos gracefully perched on one leg, or an eagle hunting? However, you will never be able to see a more wonderful sight in this world of birds.

Birds are indeed like angels. It is no secret that peaceful and friendly people are interested in watching birds, studying them, and taking pictures of birds. This year, the expert-led jury was tasked with selecting the most incredible photographs celebrating bird life from around the world from over 20,000 submissions. From hundreds of photographs sent in from 70 different countries around the world, the organisers first shortlisted the 30 best. Scroll down to meet the winners!

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#1 9-13 Years: “Shadows” By Andrés Luis Domínguez Blanco (Silver)

#2 9-13 Years: “Droplets” By Parham Pourahmad (Gold)

#3 Attention To Detail: “Beads Of Diamonds” By Sue Dougherty (Bronze)

#4 14-17 Years: “Sunset” By Thamboon Uyyanonvara (Bronze)

#5 Black And White: “Between Two Worlds” By Henley Spiers (Gold)

#6 Birds In The Environment: “Free As A Bird” By Mario Suarez Porras (Bronze)

#7 Bird Behaviour: “Face-Off” By Kathy Wade (Highly Commended)

#8 Birds In The Environment: “Meeting The Giant” By Tomasz Szpila (Highly Commended)

#9 Urban Birds: “Gonzo” By Laszlo Potozky (Silver)

#10 Bird Behaviour: “Waxwing Silhouette” By Simon D’entremont (Bronze)

Bird Photographer of the Year, founded in 2016 to promote bird conservation through images, has partnered with the charity Birds on the Brink, which provides vital funding. These funds support grass-roots conservation projects for birds around the world, and all Birdpoty images, books, and exhibits have conservation threads carefully woven through the images, displaying important messages to the viewing public.

Judges for the 2022 competition also included Mark Carwardine, Sergey Gorshkov, Li Ying Lou, David Lindo, Melissa Groo, Erin Ranney, Andrew Cleave, Paul Sterry, Myles Archibald, Will Nicholls, Majed Al Za’abi, Denise Ippolito, and Alejandro Lee. Prieto, Rathika Ramasamy, Jamie McPherson, and Hans Ngoteya. The full list of judges for the 2023 competition can be found here.

#11 Creative Imagery: “Smokescreen” By Kathryn Cooper (Highly Commended)

#12 Birds In Flight: “Starling At Night” By Mark Williams (Silver)

#13 Black And White: “King Penguin Portrait” By Rafael Armada (Highly Commended)

#14 Best Portrait: “Colourful Meal” By Ponlawat Thaipinnarong (Highly Commended)

#15 14-17 Years: “Pied Avocet Chick” By Tamás Koncz-Bisztricz (Silver)

#16 Best Portrait: “The Doting Couple” By Richard Flack (Bronze)

#17 Bird Behaviour: “Which One Is First?” By David Pattyn (Highly Commended)

#18 Overall Winner And Bird Photographer Of The Year 2022: “Rock Ptarmigan” By Erlend Haarberg

#19 Best Portrait: “For The Love Of Birds” By Thomas Wester (Highly Commended)

#20 Urban Birds: “In The Shadow Of Indusry” By Brian Matthews (Highly Commended)

#21 Birds In Flight: “Schalow’s Turaco” By Aaron Baggenstos (Bronze)

#22 Birds In The Environment: “Beacon In The Swamp” By Raymond Hennessy (Highly Commended)

#23 Creative Imagery: “Van Gogh’s Storks” By Petro Katerynych (Gold)

#24 Best Portrait: “Colourful Meal” By Ponlawat Thaipinnarong (Highly Commended)

#25 Birds In Flight: “Attack!” By Damian Kwasek (Highly Commended)

#26 Bird Behaviour: “Tidying Up” By Lucca Rodriguez Amorim (Highly Commended)

#27 Urban Birds: “The Owlet And The Dump” By Kerry Wu (Bronze)

#28 8 Years And Under: “Hoot Are You?” By Arjun Jenigiri (Gold)

#29 Birds In Flight: “Into The Sunset” By Patrick Coughlin (Highly Commended)

#30 Attention To Detail: “Sleeping Beauty” By Andy Pollard (Gold)

#31 Bird Behaviour: “Fight” By Erlend Haarberg (Highly Commended)

#32 Black And White: “White Tern In Black” By David Stowe (Highly Commended)

#33 Creative Imagery: “Sandhill Crane Flight Air Show” By Wei Lion (Bronze)

#34 Black And White: “The Guardian Of Mordor” By Paweł Smolik (Silver)

#35 Black And White: “A Seabird Summer” By Rachel Bigsby (Highly Commended)


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