Bum Doctor Teaches How to Use the Restroom Properly While Cautioning Against Wiping.

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Hold on to your hats, because this article might turn your bathroom routine upside down! Apparently, many people, including Brits, have been making a big mistake in how they clean up after using the toilet.

The article features a doctor who specializes in, well, butts (believe it or not!), Dr. Evan Goldstein. Dr. Goldstein is on a mission to improve everyone’s bathroom experience by sharing some key information about what to do after that number two. He even dives into the surprising ideal amount of time you should actually spend on the throne, which could completely change your bathroom habits!

#1 While we may have spent our entire lives wiping, this may not be the best course of action moving ahead.

According to him, chilling on the toilet for a long time while scrolling through your phone isn’t a good idea. Ideally, your bathroom business shouldn’t take more than a minute.

Here’s the surprising part: the doctor suggests that wiping with toilet paper might actually be irritating. He recommends using a bidet, which is a special attachment for your toilet that sprays water, or taking a quick shower after using the restroom. This method is apparently much gentler on your behind than wiping with paper. But if you do decide to stick with toilet paper, choose the softest kind you can find and gently pat the area instead of rubbing it harshly.

#2 Dr. Goldstein advises minimizing or completely avoiding the usage of toilet roll.

This article dives into some advice for healthy bathroom habits, particularly when it comes to bowel movements. The doctor featured says there’s no magic number for how long you should spend on the toilet. Instead, focus on listening to your body and avoid straining—that can actually injure you! When it comes to wiping, be gentle and avoid going overboard with wipes. While they might seem convenient, using them too much can irritate your skin in the long run. So, the next time you answer nature’s call, remember: take it easy, listen to your body, and be gentle when wiping! 


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