25 Arctic Birds : Exotic and Sea Birds Captured on Voyages to the Arctic Ocean

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The Arctic is a region with a cold climate that consists of the Arctic Ocean, parts of Alaska (United States), Canada, Greenland (Denmark), Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Russia. Amazingly, many birds survive the winter and stay there all year round. Many birds that can be found throughout North America in winter spend at least part of their lives in the Arctic Circle, using the Arctic’s tundra scrub, tundra pools, and boreal forest edges during the breeding season. This is because the seasonally warm temperatures and long hours of sunlight provide them with an ideal habitat for raising young.

Meet Samuel Bloch, a wildlife photographer from France. He has lived in Helsinki for 1.5 years now and has enjoyed several trips to the far north, to Lapland and beyond, to Norway and the Arctic Ocean, he added. In winter, he plans his trips to photograph the amazing variety of rare birds that come in all shapes and colors from these cold regions, and he says that includes not only all kinds of birds, but also trying to find places where he can see them.
So scroll down to meet some of these amazing feathered friends that Samuel captured on his trip to the Arctic Ocean.

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#1 The Only King In The North

#2 A Female Greenfinch Landing Next To Its Mate

#3 Atlantic Puffin, Nicknamed “Sea Parrot” In Several Languages

#4 The Striking King Eider

#5 The Prince Of The Woods, The Bright Pine Grosbeak

#6 The Bohemian Waxwing, Gangster Of The North

#7 Steller’s Eider Is My New Favourite Bird! Look At These Colours, At This Small Piece Of Broccoli At The Back Of The Head… Amazing!

#8 Puffin Landing

#9 The Bullfinch Is Another Very Colourful Bird

#10 The Willow Tit Is A Common Inhabitant Of The Forest

#11 Shag Close-Up

#12 A Female King Eider Looking Straight At The Photographer

#13 Another Birder’s Favourite – The Long-Tailed Duck

#14 A Male Greenfinch

#15 Eider Laughter

#16 Common Eider Portrait

#18 A Siberian Jay Eyeing Lunch At The Feeder In Kaamanen

#18 This Cute Siberian Tit Looked Back At Me Before Flying Away

#19 Kittiwake Ballet

#20 A Common Guillemot Coming Back From Its Fishing Stint

#21 A Young Glaucous Gull On A Windy Morning

#22 Drifting In The Reflections Of Harbour Lights, A Steller’s Eider

#23 A Siberian Tit With Its Sunflower Seed

#24 Probably An Arctic Redpoll In Sunset Light

#25 Purple Sandpipers Taking Advantage Of Low-Tide To Forage On The Shore


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