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Taylor White’s story is one of overcoming a terrible experience and finding hope. At just 21, she was forced to endure a vicious act—someone tattooed offensive words on her face without her consent. Trying to reclaim some control, she covered it up with a large black tattoo, but this new design only brought more burdens. For years, she struggled with insecurities and the constant reminder of the past etched on her face. It even created a roadblock in her career path, making it difficult to find a job, especially in the mental health field where she aspired to work. 

Thankfully, a beacon of kindness emerged. A generous stranger named Karridy  Askenasy stepped forward to offer Taylor a chance to finally move past the trauma. Now, Taylor is on the path to removing both tattoos. This process isn’t just about erasing the physical reminders; it’s about shedding the negative experiences associated with them and opening the door to a brighter future.

Taylor’s past experience in the body modification industry combined with her own mental health struggles, specifically bipolar 2 disorder, gave her a unique perspective. While she understands that some people might be taken aback by her appearance, her desire to help others in the mental health field burns brightly. This act of generosity from a stranger is giving Taylor the opportunity to pursue her passion and make a positive impact on the lives of others. 

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Taylor White

White’s journey with face tattoos began in her youth. Back then, she was working as a tattoo artist and grappling with intense emotions. In an attempt to prove her skills, she made a bold artistic statement by tattooing thin lines across her face, resembling war paint, that connected her eyes to her temples. However, life took a difficult turn for White after that. She married a member of the US military, but their relationship ultimately crumbled, leading to a divorce. With her marriage over and facing homelessness, White found herself in a precarious situation, even resorting to sleeping on a couch at the tattoo parlor for a while. 


Taylor White


Taylor White

White hoping to raise awareness about mental illness by sharing her story on TikTok, a popular social media platform. With over 22,000 followers, White aims to shed light on bipolar disorder, a condition that can cause people to act impulsively and engage in self-destructive behaviors. Through her experience, White wants to emphasize the importance of seeking help for yourself or a loved one who might be exhibiting these signs. Her story highlights the power of social media in raising awareness about mental health issues and reducing the stigma often associated with them.


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© thedadbot / TikTok


Taylor White

Laser tattoo removal usually requires significant financial outlays, often amounting to thousands of dollars, and may take months or even years to complete. Dark-colored ink, like White’s, can be especially stubborn, requiring an estimated two years of laser treatment to fully disappear.

Despite the time and money involved, laser removal can be life-changing for some people. For White, the tattoo serves as a painful reminder of a difficult past she’d rather leave behind. She’s finally at a point where she’s ready to move forward, and laser removal is seen as a way to shed that negativity. While the laser itself might not be pleasant, White describes feeling positive about the process, even smiling during her first session. She views this as more than just cosmetic improvement; it’s a chance to heal and reclaim a part of herself that no longer reflects who she is today. 



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