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Doctors weren’t sure James Martin would ever speak when he was born. But James defied expectations. He not only learned to talk, but 31 years later he achieved something incredible. On his birthday, no less! James found himself standing on the most famous stage in Hollywood, accepting an Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film for his role in “An Irish Goodbye.” This victory made history, as James became the first actor with Down syndrome to ever win an Academy Award. The cherry on top? The entire audience surprised him with a heartfelt rendition of Happy Birthday!

Photo Credits: An Irish Goodbye / First Flights and co-producers

#1 James Martin never permitted his illness to stop him.

James Martin
© An Irish Goodbye / First Flights and co-producers

James seems to be someone who puts his all into everything he does, and his dad couldn’t be happier about it. The article mentions James’s determination to overcome limitations. People might tell him he can’t achieve something, but he keeps pushing forward and succeeds. It seems James’s hard work and perseverance have truly paid off, and his father is bursting with pride.


James Martin
© An Irish Goodbye / First Flights and co-producers

James Martin is shattering barriers in the world of acting! He’s the first person with Down syndrome to win not just a BAFTA, the British equivalent of an Oscar, but also a prestigious Academy Award itself! This is a huge accomplishment and James is rightfully beaming with pride. He has a positive message for everyone: having Down syndrome shouldn’t hold you back from achieving your goals.

James’s passion lies in making people laugh, and it seems his talent is undeniable. His girlfriend is by his side, celebrating this magical moment. She believes James’s win is a turning point, showing the world that people with disabilities can achieve just as much as anyone else. This is a victory for inclusion and representation, and James is paving the way for a more accepting future in the entertainment industry.

#3 Martin has been employed at Starbucks for the last ten years.

James Martin
© An Irish Goodbye / First Flights and co-producers

Martin’s life is like a movie in itself! By day, he serves up coffee as a barista at Starbucks, charming customers and colleagues alike. But when he’s not behind the counter, Martin transforms into a successful actor. His hard work and talent have paid off, and he’s making a name for himself in the industry.

The good folks at Starbucks are bursting with pride for their talented barista. They’ve plastered the city’s stores with good luck posters to show their support for Martin’s acting dreams. Interestingly, even with his newfound fame, Martin’s dad says there’s no sign of him ditching his Starbucks apron anytime soon. It seems Martin enjoys both sides of his life, and who knows, maybe one day he’ll even play a barista in a movie!

#4 After Martin joined the Babosh theatrical group for kids with learning impairments in Belfast, he developed an intense passion for acting.

James Martin
© An Irish Goodbye / First Flights and co-producers

This period of laying the groundwork proved to be valuable, as he later landed the lead role in “Ups and Downs” alongside actress Susan Lynch. After that success, Martin went on to secure a part in the series “Marcella.” However, the most high-profile role of his career to date came in the form of “An Irish Goodbye.” This critically acclaimed performance propelled him to new heights, even earning him two coveted awards in the acting world: a BAFTA and an Oscar.


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