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This year, something new happened in the Miss Universe pageant! For the first time in Miss Universe’s 71-year history, a contestant who isn’t super skinny competed. The Miss Nepal contestant, who is 22 years old, rocked the competition by showing off her figure with confidence. While many people loved her look and cheered her on, others weren’t too happy about it. The article talks about what this contestant said about the different reactions she got. The article dives into her experiences and how she addressed these contrasting viewpoints.

Jane Dipika Garrett couldn’t believe how well she did in a major competition last November. It turns out that, this achievement was even more special because she’d always dreamed of becoming a model. In the past, though, she struggled with low self-esteem. The competition was a turning point for her. People were incredibly supportive, which helped her embrace her own identity and feel confident in a way she never had before.

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#1 She was so full of confidence.

Miss Nepal
Miss Nepal

Her modesty shines through as she explains that her goal wasn’t to win but to represent her home country and empower women around the world. This highlights a shift in beauty pageants, where contestants are celebrated for more than just their physical appearance. 


Miss Nepal
Miss Nepal

#3 Different opinions were voiced.

Miss Nepal
Miss Nepal

While she enjoys compliments, she’s also bombarded with cruel messages from strangers. The article delves into how she deals with this harsh reality and the pressure of being judged solely on her looks.

“I see things like, ‘Oh, she’s a whale,’ or ‘Why don’t you go to the gym?'” Jane disclosed. and similar items. “It seems like they don’t even know my story,” she said. They’re not even aware of my struggles.

#4 She refuses to let her difficulties derail her aspirations.

Miss Nepal
Miss Nepal

The beauty competitor explained that she suffers from PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome. This disease is characterized by the ovaries producing more androgens than is normally the case in women. PCOS can cause weight gain, irregular menstruation, acne, and excessive hair growth, among other symptoms.

#5 Her dreams aren’t going to be dashed by her difficulties.

Miss Nepal
Miss Nepal

“It’s also really taken a toll on my mental health and my self-esteem because I thought that I wasn’t good enough or that I wasn’t beautiful enough,” she said, mentioning that she has recently acquired a lot of weight as a result of her illness. Still, Garrett went through a process of developing a positive outlook and coming to terms with her own identity. Her bright assurance on stage makes it clear that she has completed her journey toward self-acceptance.

We think Miss Nepal is really beautiful, and it’s a big step forward for the Miss Universe pageant to embrace and appreciate the diversity and beauty of women’s bodies in all shapes and sizes.


  1. You go girl! You’re beautiful, don’t let anyone bring you down. There’s a saying that goes something like Don’t take criticism from someone from whomever you wouldn’t seek advice.

  2. I think not only is she beautiful but she is also very much a role model for all the women and young girls out there that are not stick thin or size 2. I think she is wonderful and I respect her for what she’s done.


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