Missing Patricia Kopta Found 1,700 Miles From Home After Decades

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A woman who was pronounced missing and ultimately died has been discovered decades after her disappearance, more than 30 years later. Patricia Kopta was a devout Roman Catholic who lived in North Hills, Pittsburgh, in the United States. Her husband, Bob, reported her missing on November 27, 1992, months after she disappeared on June 20, 1992. She was a ‘free spirit’ who preached and had spiritual visions while informing strangers that the world would end in a nuclear war.

After reporting the case to the police, Patricia’s husband stated that it was not uncommon for her to go missing for extended periods of time. However, she was quickly identified as an ‘important missing person’, prompting an immediate search.

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#1 Patricia’s loved ones last saw her in 1992.

Patricia Kopta
WPXI-Patricia Kopta

According to a poster posted by the Pennsylvania Emergency Response Center, “Her family believes she flew to Puerto Rico after her disappearance and spent a week or two there before returning to Pittsburgh.” She hasn’t been seen or heard from again.” Bob, who never remarried, was scared sick after going absolutely radio silent, believing that any body uncovered by the police could be his wife.

Gloria, her sister, said that he even began visiting psychics and running advertisements in Puerto Rican newspapers because she had loved taking trips there before they were married. Seven years after her disappearance, her family obtained a formal document stating that she was deceased. However, in 2023, there will be a twist in the story. The 83-year-old was discovered alive in a nursing home in Puerto Rico, 1,700 miles from home.

#2 Patricia has been discovered in Puerto Rico.

Patricia Kopta
WPXI-Patricia Kopta

In June 1999, she was taken in as a ‘person in need’ after being seen roaming aimlessly around the house.
Despite her initial silence regarding her background, Patricia began to speak up, and it was soon discovered that she was suffering from dementia.
A social worker determined that she was from Pennsylvania and called the appropriate authorities.

A DNA test would prove that she was Patricia Kopta, and Bob, who was 86 when the news came, expressed relief at a press conference following the revelation. “It’s a sad thing, yet it’s a release from my worries. “When your wife goes missing, you are a suspect.”

It is said that her mental condition deteriorated around 1984, and after losing her employment, she began to prowl the streets. She was also diagnosed with ‘delusions of grandeur’, and physicians suspected she had schizophrenia. Patricia, known as an ‘eccentric’, married Bob in 1972; however, it has been speculated that she abandoned her spouse and the country when it was found that she would be institutionalized.

#3 At a news conference after the finding, Bob and Gloria expressed their relief.

Patricia Kopta

“After 30 years, you try to forget about it,” Bob said at a press conference when asked why his wife disappeared.
“Now, I can forget about it.” We know what happened, and she is safe now. She could have come home at any time. But that was exactly what she wanted. She always longed to travel to a warm climate.”
After the DNA test came back positive, Gloria traveled to Puerto Rico to see her sister for the first time since 1992.
“We’re very thankful to know that Patty is alive and well,” Gloria told WMTW.

“She is being carefully cared for. We assumed she was dead for years. It was a huge shock to learn that she is still alive.” The police stated that she told residents that she arrived on a cruise ship from Europe all those years ago, with the remainder of her time on the island unknown.


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