She created the Little Lord of the Rings inspirational story with Lego Minifigures

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With the busyness of society today, very few people spend time on the freedom they want. To get out of that busy society, some people engage in drawing, photography and various creative activities. Meet Andrea Boroczky, who lives in the UK. She is an amateur photographer who enjoys photography in and around the countryside.

These photos show her putting some Lego figures under different conditions in her backyard and finally creating a wonderful story. During the production of her story, which starred Gandalf, Legolas, Frodo and the bad Snail Orc, she said the snails were not harmed. Scroll down and enjoy her Little Lord of the Rings inspirational story.

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Look, Frodo, we have to head that way!

Come on, grab my hand! We have to meet Gandalf!

A bit more, Frodo, I can almost reach your hand!

Gandalf, slow down, the little hobbit can`t keep up!

Here I am, let`s do this!

Gandalf! Legolas! I can see the Misty Mountain!

Hurry up! We have to reach the top before the sun sets!

Grab my walking stick, Frodo, don`t fall!

It`s a giant Snail Orc, heeeeelp!!!

Gandaaaaaaalf, heeeeelp!!!!

AAAAAAAAAH, it`s coming for me, do something Gandalf!

Let`s do some magic, to get rid of this evil Snail Orc!!!

Come on, Mr Frodo, keep up!

Hm, I can see more Snail Orcs, we have to hide!

Go Legolas! We have to climb this! There are more Snail Orcs!

OOOOOH Noooooo, Frodoooooo! ……..TO BE CONTINUED……


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