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As we struggle with the events of everyday life, we rarely have to experience certain things with nature.But the following fascinating photographs show the excellence of this photographer’s concern for nature.
Julian Rad, an Austrian wildlife photographer, shows people some of the most fascinating wildlife photos of squirrels, hamsters and foxes.Julian was also very popular on Instagram and won the 2015 Comedy Wildlife Photography Award.
These very rare shots are not seen everywhere and every moment of a story has captured.

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This little squirrel seems to be no stranger to the wonders of winter. Though she built herself a companion, she seems to be contemplating whether or not her frosty friend truly needs a nose…


These fellows surely know some cool Kung Fu moves! I wonder what could have caused the fight between those two?



Suddenly, a wild fox appears who seems to be sharing a personal joke with herself. We aren’t entirely sure why the smiley face, but it is very contagious.





Let’s be real, everyone gets thirsty on a hot summer day and this cute little thing thought of a good way to quench her thirst!





Do you want to make a bet whether he will share his precious treasure with his friend?






After an intensive session of teaching Squirrel Yoga to the whole forest populace, proper hydration is a must! Even if it’s just a handful of tiny droplets.


Lost in meditation this squirrel seems to be making a wish on a flower – “oh, please please please, let my days be filled with nuts and acorns!”


Nothing’s better than a tranquil moment in life when you actually stop and smell flowers. And why not strike a majestic pose while doing so?



We all know that acrobatics comes with a certain risk. However, we believe that this time the risk is worth the delicious raspberries he’s about to take!


Possibly a reincarnation of Scrat the saber-tooth squirrel from Ice Age in his latest pursuit of the acorn, and by acorn, we actually mean this nut. Also – striking a majestic yoga pose while at it.


Just a friendly passing-by squirrel from a neighboring forest. He seems to be caught on a casual stroll collecting flowers worth of a bouquet.


They say walnuts are very good for the brains, and here a little fellow looks like he was just hit by the biggest EUREKA moment in the history of rodents.


“Do you think the snow will bring out the color in my fur?”


“Holy acorns! This flufftail, the fur, and the button black eyes.. truly, an incarnate of perfection! Where have you been my whole life?”


Breaking news! A fox catches another fox on camera and seems like the latter has plenty to say. We wonder if this encounter was coincidental, or perhaps a secret rendezvous planned all along?


Welcome back to Squirrel Yoga 101, today we have ourselves a treat. This pose will surely cure all the leftover blues after Valentine’s day, not to mention it’s good for your back! All you need to do is hit a local forest, find a mossy twig and let those bad feelings escape you.


This fast and furious predator not only looks like he just escaped prison, but he also won the contest of Funny Wildlife Pictures 2015 while doing so. We speculate that it was due to the contents of his cheeks, which remains a mystery up to this day


A wish on a dandelion. We don’t know what sort of wish this hamster is about to make, but we do hope that even his smallest dreams come true.



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